1. Objective of the Competition

1.1. To determine the country winner in individual accuracy landing competition

1.2. To promote and develop parachuting in Latvia and beyond the country.

1.3. To allow participants to share and exchange experience, knowledge and information.

1.4. To improve judging methods and practices and upgrade the qualification of judges.

2. Date and place of the Competition 

2.1. The competitions will take place on 09-10 Jun , 2018.

2.2. The venue of the competitions: Daugavpils Skydiving Club; Griva West Airfield, Daugavpils Municipality.


2.3 Mandate Commission: 09.06.2018 –                                        9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

2.4. Opening ceremony:    09.06.2018 –                                         11:00 a.m.

2.5. Competition start        09.06.2018 and 10.08.2018                 11:30 a.m.

2.7. Demonstration jump with competitors national flags   (time will be indicated)

2.8  Competition continue 10.06.2018                                           11:00 a.m.-15:00 a.m.

2.9  Clothing ceremony      10.06.2018                                           (time will be indicated )

3. Organizers of the Competition

Daugavpils Skydiving Club and the Latvian Parachute Sport Federation (LPSF).

4. Director and Chief Judge of the Competition

4.1. Director of the Accuracy Landing Competition: Jevgeny Vladimirov tel. +371 29265931

4.2. Chief Judge of the Competition: Irina Turavina tel. +37120374529

5. Provisions

5.1 The travelling and meal expenses are paid by the competitors or sending organizations.

5.2 The competitors are accommodated free of charge in the Skydiving Club premises and tent camping.. The field shower bath and rest areas are available.

5.3 Meals: in the Airfield kitchen.

5.4 The organizers guarantee the safety of parachutes, aircrafts and cars during the Competition.

5.5 The judges’ work is paid under the Competition expenditure estimate.

6. Judges

6.1. Meeting of judges: 09.06.2018, 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

6.2. The Competition will be conducted according to the regulations of the Sporting Code of the FAI, General Section, Section 5, the Official FAI Accuracy Landing Contest Rules and these Regulations.

7. Applications of the Competition participants

7.1. The information of participants shall be submitted to the event organizers (e-mail: tel.: +371 27878342) or to the Mandate Commission before 09.06.2018, 09:00

7.2. The Competition participants, the LPSF members and sportsmens from foreign countries, shall pay to the Mandate Commission the 12.00 EURO for each jump without start fee.

7.3 The participation in this Competition implies a complete and full acceptation of these Regulations.

8. Participants of the Competition

8.1 Both Latvian and foreign sportsmen may take part in the Competition.

8.2 All Competition participants must have the valid parachutist certificates, jump logs and passports for the technically sound parachutes and systems intended for this exercise and the foreign sportsmen – the accident insurance.

8.3. The sportsmen having not less than C category may take part in the Competition.

8.4. The sportsmen having B category may take part in the Competition only by a special resolution of the panel of judges and Director of the Competition.

9. Program of the Competition

9.1. Individual accuracy landing event is composed of 4 jumps, the semi-final and final jumps. The minimum number of jumps for a valid event is 4.

9.2 Each jump has different landing spot (The difficulty of landing spot increases with each round).

9.3 Transportation from landing spot to the airfield is provided by organizers.

9.4 Landing spot can be changed only after fool round completing.

9.5 Spots number sequence can be changed by organizers due to weather conditions or organization issues.

9.6 Individual accuracy landing event has two medal awards : between young sportsmen’s and between sport veteran’s (more than 45 years)

9.7 Team accuracy landing event is composed of 4 jumps, the semi-final and final jumps. The minimum number of jumps for a valid event is 4.

9.8. Each team is comprise of 3 competitors.

9.9. The teams may be composed of mixed sex representatives.

9.10. The number of teams in the Competition is unlimited.

9.11 Demonstration Jump (over the competition) with competitors country national flag and airclub flags on Daugavpils city central square. (Be provided by the organizers)


10.1 A fee of 50.00 EURO shall accompany each protest. If the protest is upheld, this fee is returned to the person who gave it; if not, it comes to the organizers of the Competition.

10.2 The panel of judges and Director of the Competition consider and pass a judge upon protests. In the event of a tie, the Chief Judge has the casting vote.

10.3 The time for filing and consideration of protests is in accordance with the FAI Code.

11. General provisions

11.1 AN-2 aircraft will be used for jumping

11.2. Maximum wind speed: 7 m/s.

11.3 Wind gauge data recorded every 12 seconds.

11.4. Jumping out of a plane AN-2,

11.5 Exit altitude: 1000-1100 m. (4 competitors in 1 pass )

11.6. Exit altitude in semi-final and final: 800-1100 m.

11.7. Due to meteorological conditions, Director of the Competition together with the Chief Judge may change the exit altitude; in this case: – exit altitude in individual accuracy landing event: 900 m.

11.8 The result will be fixed by electrical equipment from 0 till 16 cm.

11.9 The result is 17 cm if competitor touched the edge of electronic target without result on screen

11.10 The result is 18 cm if competitor landed on floating mattress.

11.11 The result is 20 cm if competitor landed outside floating mattress.

11.12 The organizers do not bear responsibility for the accidents occurred not through their fault.

12. Other

12.1 Competitor with the lowest aggregate result in the final rounds shall be the winner.

12.2 In the event of a tie, the following rules apply in accordance with the FAI Code.

12.3 The winners of the Latvian Open Championship are awarded Diplomas, medals and competition cups.